Funding for Hospitality Industry

The irony of how owning and operating a business in the hospitality industry is far from a vacation is not lost on Prompt Capital Funding. The list of guests checking in and out is like the list of updates and daily tasks that need to be done, long and never ending. As if keeping up with cleanliness, modern amenities and luxuries, overall service, and safety and security weren’t enough, technological advancements and increasing marketing competition makes the need for additional working capital more vital, and beneficial, than ever before. Prompt Capital Funding funds all aspects of the hospitality industry from niche, boutique hotels to chain bed and breakfasts, so business owners can make sure their guests receive a consistently satisfying experience from start to end and leave glowing, 5-star reviews.

By choosing Prompt Capital Funding as your alternative funder, you’re not just getting affordable capital, you’re building a long-term relationship for financial success. We believe in 100% transparency and will explain everything about your plan, down to the fixed terms and automated payments. The application is free and simple, so you’ve got nothing to lose! Prompt Capital Funding’s in-house underwriting team makes the qualification process fast, not to mention customized. No two businesses are the same so why should your financing plans be? With our boutique funding style, you can get a personalized plan tailored to fit your business’s unique needs and growth goals. Because we are staffed with an experienced in-house team, we’re able to offer flexible options and live price changes to companies that don’t qualify for traditional bank loans.

Renovate your Hotel 

Hotel ambience is always key to bringing travelers in. With aquired funds, you can now renovate your hotel to build the ultimate stay in experience for your hotel goers.

Funds For Payroll Needs

You can also use the funds to meet your payroll needs of running your hospitality management business. This is one common use that many of our clients need funding for.

Hire More Staff

Hire more staff for your hotel business with the funds aquired through Prompt Capital Funding. The need to hire is always a good sign of linear growth for your hospitality business.

Build a Franchise Hotel 

With more cash in the bank, you now have the power to create more streams of revenue. Expand your company with a new franchise opportunity business model. After all, it takes money to make money.


Expand to New Locations

Maybe your first hotel location was a success and its time to move on up in this world with branching out and opening a new location. With the help of funding, we can make your dream come true!

Use Funds For Anything

When getting funds from Prompt Capital Funding, you choose how to allocate the aquired funds thats best for you and your company.We just provide you with the means to do whats necessary through funding.

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