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Small business owners are faced with many challenges on a daily basis. Competition, growth and the economy greatly affect every decision you are faced with. Often times, you need immediate financial help to sustain your business. With over 20 years of combined funding experience, Prompt Capital Funding knows the importance of immediacy for small businesses and offers a range of financing and payment service solutions. Having a strong background in finance and sales gives you the opportunity to rely on professionals who will provide you with the expertise you need to be successful.

In as little as 24-48 hours, your business will be provided with the money to cover vital expenses. We take out the middleman, making what can be a lengthy process, hassle-free. What sets us apart from other companies that provide similar services is the consistency, diligence, and promptness. You will always have a dedicated individual to contact, who will walk you through the process and be available for any of your questions and concerns.

Our funding policy is transparent and straightforward. Once you have the available funds to continue with your business project, we take a reasonable and agreed upon percentage from your future receivables until you have successfully paid back the loan. Unlike loans provided by banks, our factor rates do not go up and are calculated by keeping your business model in mind. Therefore, your payback plan doesn’t put a strain on your business, rather keeps you on track for repayment at a reasonable percentage of your monthly income.

We do not require collateral for your funding, taking away the anxiety high stakes borrowing. You pay back the funds within a reasonable time while marinating the integrity of your company and your income. In addition, our advances are immediate, which means that instead of waiting for long periods of time for important funds, you have access to the money you need immediately.

The application process at Prompt Capital Funding is simple, and our representatives will walk you through every step. Our goal is to get your application approved even when you’ve been turned down by banks and other money lenders. To that end, we have a notably high approval rate because we believe in your business and are committed to helping you grow and expand. We hope to continue our relationship by being available each time you need immediate funds, and all of our work to get you on your feet supports that goal.

If you’re a business owner in need of funds for your business, apply online or contact us to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives.

The Merchant Funding Process with Prompt Capital Funding is a fast four step process.

1.Fill out our online application and one of our knowledgeable representatives will get back to you within 24 hours.

2. Complete and submit our application and provide us with 1 month of your credit card proccessing statements and 4 months of recent bank statements. Include a copy of your driver’s license and a voided check.

3. We will review your paperwork and application to determine whether you are applying to receive a cash advance. You will immediately be provided with an offer.

4. Agree to accept the agreement and have the necessary funds in your bank account within 24-48 hours

Prompt Capital Funding is committed to establishing mutually beneficial relationships with all of our partners. We value our agents and are actively seeking partnerships with those that provide services or products to the small business community. We have partnered with industry leaders, merchant processors, ISO’s, agents, business consultants, mortgage brokers, banks, accountants, lenders , wholesalers, food suppliers and an array of other organizations that represent small to medium sized businesses.

We offer great competitive commissions for our partners for funding their clients. Fast underwriting to get you approvals within 24 hours. Collect your commission as soon as the client receives the funding. Fill out the form below to partner with Prompt Capital Funding. We offer a hand in hand network and help services to those partners who have a hard time “closing” or need the assistance of how to elaborate an approval to a business owner. Most parties just give an offer and let the partner do most of the legwork, we help 100% in every direction.

Funding Options

In today’s economy, business owners are faced with a dilemma. Banks aren’t quick to lend business owners money,so owners  rely on immediate cash to help their businesses improve and grow. Often times, business owners are faced with a rigorous and lengthy application process from banks, only to be denied when they need the funds most.

Prompt Capital Funding serves to alleviate the frustration of these obstacles by offering a fast and convenient 4 step process to secure the loan you are seeking. The alternative Cash Advance you will receive from our Merchant Cash Advance company differs from a bank loan in the following ways: No collateral, No fixed term of repayment, No late payment fees, & No penalties or surcharges!

A Credit Card Cash Advance is a discounted, prepaid purchase of future credit card receipts. Businesses receive cash today for their future receivables and payback through a small percentage of their daily credit card receipts during a  6 – 10 month term, or until the balance is fully satisfied

Credit Card Cash Advances are designed for businesses that do over $20,000 per month in credit card sales. Funding is based on measurable credit card sales. The merchant would need to be processing with or switch to:Integrity Payment Systems, IRN Payment Systems or Priority.

To be eligible for a Credit Card Cash Advance loan you must:

  • Process at least 50 credit card transactions a month.

  • Have a minimum of $4000 in credit card sales monthly.

  • Have owned the business for at least 6 months.

  • Have no open bankruptcies or foreclosures.

Our business cash advances and micro-funding require no collateral. You will not have to pledge your hard-earned assets. Also, our business cash advances will not show up on your personal credit. The easy application process, high approval rate, and simple funding mechanism that we offer at Prompt Capital Funding makes a business cash advance a great option for businesses who are looking for additional financing. Getting started is easy, you can begin the process by applying here on the website or by giving us a call during business hours.

NOTE: Not all business dealings with credit card transactions and we understand that. That fact shouldn’t keep you from applying for much-needed funds. If your business doesn’t accept credit cards, we have an alternative financing option to offer. The Bank Only Program gives you funding with an unsecured small business loan that you can use at your prerogative. If your business generates a minimum of $10,000 a month, you qualify for this alternate option. Instead of paying back via credit card receivables, your balance is deducted from your business bank account.

The money will be deducted from your bank accounts based on a previously determined and affordable daily or weekly repayment until the funds are sufficiently paid in full.

Our ACH funding is tailored for businesses that derive little revenue from credit card sales. Businesses access working capital centered on their cash flow.

Like a Credit Card Cash Advance, this is the purchase of future receivables. In this case, the future deposits of the business. Funding is based on the aggregate cash flow through the businesses operating accounts. Repayment is made by automated electronic debits (ACH) over specified terms. This allows businesses to use future cash flow in the future to obtain the working capital they need to grow now.

With a line of credit, you can access funds whenever you need them up to your available credit limit. Access as little or as much of your credit line as you need, and continue to use it as you repay. Apply today to find out how much your business qualifies for!

Prompt Capital Funding purchases credit card receivables from the merchant borrower. We advance money on the borrower’s future credit card receivables. Here is a breakdown of the Merchant Cash Advance process:

  • Funds are deposited directly into your business account in as little as 24-48 hours.

  • A reasonable, agreed-upon percentage of repayment is deducted from your future credit card transactions until the advance and the percentage is satisfactorily repaid.

  • Repayment is based on the percentage of business income which means that business owners aren’t overwhelmed with the responsibility of paying a sum they can’t afford. When your business is thriving, you are on your way to a speedy repayment. However, if you’re having a slow month, the amount of repayment lessens.

  • The entire process is electronic which means that you aren’t burdened with the hassle of writing checks.

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